online emenu pos

A cloud POS (Point of Sale) system is a software-based point-of-sale system that runs on the Internet, allowing retailers to process transactions and manage their sales and inventory data from anywhere.

online emenu pos

Emenu is an online point of sale system, and it comes with cloud-based store billing software to control and note the whole data of received and orders online.

1- stock Management

Through stock management, you can comprehensively control the inventory available in your store or warehouse, and many other features.

2- Payment Management

Collect and note any cash or online payments (ex: visa), whether you can pay with both methods depends on which method the customer prefers.

3- Multi branches

Manage multi branches thru the control panel The service allows managing items and inventory for each branch separately.

4- Client record

Entire customer information and customer orders are stored and automatically updated for life and shared via the POS system.

5- Supplier management

This service allows for managing and adding suppliers' information and making a report with the data of each supplier.

6- purchase management

This service allows managing purchase invoices in addition to printing purchase reports.

7- User management

Managing users through the control panel allows giving authority to each user separately according to his job duties and position in the company.

Why to use Emenu online POS?


جميع البيانات تحفظ سحابيا , وتستطيع إدارة الصلاحيات للفريق كلا حسب مهامه.

Easy to use

تعد سهولة الوصول وطبيعة التشغيل أكبر نقطة جذابة في نظام الطلبات المتكامل عبر الإنترنت.

Cloud solution

جميع البيانات والعمليات تحفظ سحابيا بشكل آمن , مما يمكنك من الوصول لها من أي مكان وباي وقت.

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